Harmonization Oversight Group

The Harmonization Oversight Group (HOG) is responsible to manage the harmonization activities of the Consortium. The HOG maintains communication with the Stakeholder Members as well as other groups worldwide who are actively working to harmonize or standardize clinical laboratory test results. The HOG reviews measurand submissions for prioritization based on medical importance and for technical feasibility for harmonization, and cooperates with other organizations to coordinate harmonization activities and avoid duplication of effort. The HOG maintains a web site to inform stakeholders of the status of harmonization or standardization activities being managed by organizations worldwide. 

HOG members are appointed by the Council.  Click here for more information on the operation of the International Consortium for Harmonization of Clinical Laboratory Results.


Greg Miller, PhD

Professor of Pathology
Director, Clinical Chemistry and Pathology Information Systems
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA, USA

Vice Chair

Eun-Hee Lee, MD, PhD

Green Cross Laboratories
Yongin-si, Gyunggi-do
South Korea


Stephen R. Master, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Director, Central Lab Services
Children's Hospital of Philadephia
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Amy Saenger, PhD

Associate Professor 
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
Director, Advanced Research and Diagnostic Laboratory
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Yeo-Min Yun, MD, PhD

Professor and Director, Division of Clinical Chemistry
Department of Laboratory Medicine 
Konkuk University School of Medicine and Medical Center
Seoul, Korea

Andy Hoofnagle, MD, PhD

Head, Division of Clinical Chemistry 
Department of Laboratory Medicine
University of Washington
Seattle, WA, USA

Amrom Obstfeld, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Ross Molinaro, PhD

Global Vice President & Head of Medical, Statistical and Scientific Affairs
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.
500 GBC Drive M/S 505
Newark, DE 19702, USA

Joseph Passarelli, MS

Senior Director
Scientific Relations, Roche Diagnostics
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Ian Young, MD

Professor of Medicine
Queen's University Belfast, UK 
and Consultant Chemical Pathologist
Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
Belfast, UK

Masato Maekawa, MD, PhD

Department of Laboratory Medicine 
Hamamatsu University School of Medicine
Hamamatsu, Japan

Melissa Snyder, PhD

Associate Professor 
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology 
Director, Antibody Immunology Laboratory
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN, USA

Anja Kessler, Dr (PhD)

Director, Reference Institute for Bioanalytics
Bonn, Germany

Philippe Gillery, MD, PhD

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Service de Biochimie - Pharmacologie - Toxicologie
Pôle de Biologie Médicale et Pathologie
Hôpital Maison Blanche - CHU de Reims
45, Rue Cognacq-Jay
51092 Reims Cedex, France



Harmonization Oversight Group

Stakeholder Members